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“We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

-Benjamin Franklin

The Thirteen Colonies: one of many oversees belongings of the vast British Empire which was at the time in economic turmoil after the events of the brutal Seven Years War. And King George III with the parliament decided to exploit the Empire’s colonial holdings to make up for the worsening situation of the treasury and inflation.

They refuse to let us represent ourselves in the parliament and force us to suffer the consequences of the wrongdoings they have committed. As if this wasn’t enough they raised the taxes to unheard amounts and justified their deeds by stating the war was fought for us. But our people aren’t the serfs of the British. Let us decide who is the one to fight for us and for what we fight for. The pioneers, our forefathers, that settled in Jamestown came to these unknown lands with the hopes of a new and just start but out in Europe they seek to corrupt these prosperous lands as they did in the old world. Now after these last acts of bad intent and unacceptable terms we, the people of the Thirteen Colonies, won’t take it any longer.

Agenda Item: American War of Independence

This committee is apt for highly-experienced delegates that are interested in history.

Under-Secretaries-General responsible for CC: American War of Independence: Alper Örge, Ilgın Deniz Korkut

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