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The Council of Europe or COE is the continent’s leading human rights organization including 47 member states, 28 of which are members of the European Union. The Council seeks to strengthen human rights and uphold freedom of expression while it fights to annihilate racism and gender inequality.

Among its many organs, The Committee of Ministers will be simulated, playing a crucial role in the structure of COE provided by its position as the Council’s statutory decision making body. The Council is made up of ministers of foreign affairs of each member state or their permanent diplomatic representatives in Strasbourg. The Committee of Ministers decides the path that the Council of Europe will follow for policy-making and approving its budget and programme of activities.

Agenda Item: Violation of Freedom of Expression in Eastern European States

This committee is apt for both inexperienced and experienced delegates.

Under-Secretary-General responsible for Council of Europe: Eren Erdoğan

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