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Marking the very beginning of the Korean War in 1950, Koreans have been facing the most devastating occurrence through their history. This disastrous war did not just cause the life of millions, it also caused the separation of a nation. This hot conflict between now two separate nations, Democratic People's Republic of Korea and Republic of Korea, ended in 1953 but since no treaty was signed the problems of two countries continued to be tense. Years and presidents have passed but still, the tension between these two countries was harsh. Many peace talks were under consideration, many summits were held, but not even one of the presidents were willing enough for a treatment that could bring total and everlasting peace. Even though the Inter-Korean Summit of 2018 brought some hope for peace, everything soon began to form itself in many unexpected ways.

Unfortunately today in 2023, the circumstances of the world have changed a lot. With the newly-uprising superpowers, the balance between the countries has broken. Now the North and the South is ready to face the results of their mistakes. But before causing another mistake, once more they decided to keep the peace. You, ministers from both sides are the ones who have one and only right to speak on this matter. You will change the future of the entire world.

In Şahinkaya Training 2018, delegates in this committee will not only represent their individual ideas but also get a chance to be a part of one of the most initial diplomatic events in history. Ministers are expected to tackle many fragile issues that the beloved countries of them are suffering from while promoting peace at its finest since it has been anticipated for a long time.

Futuristic Inter-Korean Summit will have an open agenda.

Futuristic Inter-Korean Summit is apt for experienced delegates.

Under-Secretary-General responsible for Futuristic Inter-Korean Summit: Sıla Erdem

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