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North Atlantic Treaty Organisation or NATO is a cooperation of 29 countries, that is established in 1949. The alliance is formed after the 2nd World War and supported each other during the Cold War period against the Eastern Bloc, Warsaw Pact, which was consisting of the USSR and its satellite states.


After the collapse of the USSR in 1991, the Cold War was put to an end. However, the cooperation of NATO both internally and externally maintained its strength, overcoming any potential threat they have faced since then. And the alliance even expanded the areas of cooperation and formed sub-commissions to manage each issue in a proper case. Despite not being an official body of the United Nations, NATO has always been in close partnership with the UN and gone as far as aligning its core principles, purposes and methods to those stated in the UN Charter.

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Under-Secretary-General responsible for Futuristic North Atlantic Treaty Organisation: Doruk Eray Sev

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