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The United Nations General Assembly Sixth Committee: Legal is the last of the main committees of the General Assembly. The Sixth Committee is the primary forum for the consideration and discussion of legal questions in the General Assembly, and while negotiations regarding international law-making can take place in a variety of specialized bodies of the United Nations depending on their actual subject-matter, negotiations related to general international law are usually held at the Sixth Committee.

The UN General Assembly has an express mandate to promote the progressive development of public international law. As the Article 13 of the UN Charter establishes, in particular, that the “General Assembly shall initiate studies and make recommendations for the purpose of: (…) encouraging the progressive development of international law and its codification”. The 13th article also contains the mandate of the committee. Thus, the committee not only works on drafts of new dispositions of international law, but it also offers the interpretation of existing international legislation, as well as making recommendations regarding their national legislation.

Participants of General Assembly Sixth Committee in Şahinkaya Training 2018 are expected to deal with various struggles, tackle fragile lawful matters and try their hardest in order to achieve sustainable solutions for the world of international law, while trying to find the answers for many controversial legal questions.

Agenda Item: Responsibilities of States on Internationally Wrongful Acts

General Assembly Sixth Committee: Legal is apt for both experienced and inexperienced delegates.

Under-Secretary-General Responsible for General Assembly Sixth Committee: Atakan Öney

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