We, as Şahinkaya Science and Anatolian High School, started attending MUN Conferences held in Turkey in 2012. Since then, we have attended all the MUN Conferences (ITUMUN, EuroAsia MUN, MUNBU, EUROsimA held in Ankara, MUNTR and …)

We have an MUN Club which meets twice a week. Our freshmen are trained by our experienced students and simulations which are made in the club hours.


Umut Duygu got the “Outstanding Delegate Award ” in UNHCR in MUNBU 2013. This was our first award. We thank to the Mr. Duygu for his great efforts. Ece Atalay and Gülce Duman , got “Honourable Mention”, Deniz Örs, “Outstanding Delegate “, and Damla Kahraman got “Best Delegate” awards in KoçMUN’14.

Zeynep Acararıcın got the “Outstanding Delegate Award” in ITUMUN 2014. We also attended LIMUN 2015 (London International MUN). Gökhan Seheri got “Honourable Mention Award” in KUMUN’15. In November 2015 our students attended MUNLawS 2015 held in Slovenia and got the Best Delegation Award and our student Barış Kahraman got the Outstanding Award in Slovania and was invited to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s Annual Conference held in Brussels in 2016.

In December 2015 we attended EuroAsia MUN, held in Ted University. Tuna Atasoy got Honourable Mention award. In 2016 two of our students, Safiye Sayık and Tuna Atasoy got Rookie awards in MUNBU 2016 held in Bilkent University.

In June 2016 we attended KUMUN’16, held in Koç University. Safiye Şayık got “Best Delegate” award , Gökhan Şeheri got “Outstanding Delegate” award, Umut Duygu and Egemen Büyükkaya got “Honourable Mention” awards. 


In July 2016 our team have attended ECOMUN 2016. Also our team honoured us with awards. Gökhan Şeheri got the “Outstanding Delegate Award”, Egemen Büyükkaya and Derin Aydın got “Honourable Mention Award”.


It is our school policy to take our students to MUN Conferences with an observer. When our students become juniors, they are allowed to attend conferences on their own.


Our first MUN Conference was organised within our school in 2013 .We held the second Şahinkaya MUN 2014, which was open to all the state Schools in Bursa. We had two committees then. In 2015 the third Sahinkaya was organized with three committees and 165 students from different high schools participated. Among those schools were Işıklar Air Force High School, Ulubatlı Hasan Anatolian High School, Bursa Anatolian High School, Çamlıca Anatolian High School.

Last year we organised Şahinkaya MUN 2017 with the attendance of 200 delegates.


This year we are proud to be organising the 5th Edition of Şahinkaya MUN with delegates from different cities in Turkey and other countries.


We are proud to be the pioneer of the recognition of MUN in Bursa.