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MUN 2020

April 30, May 1-3

Letter from Secretary-General

Meritorious participants,

It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you all to Şahinkaya Model United Nations 7th edition on April 30, May 1-3, 2020. It is very special for me to having Secretary-General duty where once I was first-timer MUNer, where I learned the culture of MUN, where I experienced many friendships. I started my MUN journey in 2013 and my first MUN experience was at 1st edition of the Şahinkaya MUN in 2014. Now, I am proud alumni of Şahinkaya and currently studying in Istanbul Technical University as Computer Engineer.

The 7th edition of Şahinkaya MUN will consist of seven committees that are designed for the taste of every delegate:

United Nations on Drug and Crime and United Nations Human Right Council are aimed to create welcoming experiences for delegates who are not any experiences or not at all but who are willing to learn and who are having great ambitions to change the World in the future.

The United Nations Conference on International Organization was a conference held in San Francisco, 1945. This conference was the turning point in modern civilization. This is the conference when the United Nation was born. This is when the rules and structure of the UN set. Delegates at this conference will have the ability to change the days. They can re imagine and recreate how diplomacy would happen. San Francisco will welcome delegates who are experienced and thinker to create the future.

Another historic committee that will be in Şahinkaya MUN is Warsaw Pact 1955. In this conference, the eastern bloc decided to create a pact to compete against North Atlantic Treaty Organization. There is no doubt that Warsaw Conference was a foundation of future eastern bloc policies and in the 7th edition, delegates will have the power to challenge the history and shape the timeline and even create an alternative history.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization will face a great number of questions in the 7th edition. Today’s climax, the existence of NATO has been bombarded with many questions. Inner relationship of NATO and outer relationship creates many interference. Experienced delegates will face these issues and will decide the direction that the NATO must go on.

The African Union will aim to prevent a great number of issues in the future for Africa. Unfortunately, most of the nations in Africa still have a population of the majority that is in under the poverty line but the countries of Africa have been developing day by day. African Union has great responsiveness for not for just Africa but whole nations. Prosperity will come after when stability archived. African Union will discuss one of the great issues that create instability in Africa. Delegate in the African Union will shape the future of Africa.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization will face the new face of war. The economic war that is happening and will be learned by many students in the future as the Cold War. Many historians and World politics experts also believe it is the new chapter for Cold War. Today, a new battleground is in the economy and in technology. Shanghai Cooperation Organization will discuss the issues and will decide the actions.

Briefly, on behalf of Academic and Organisation teams, ​I am very excited the see future decision-makers in the 7th edition of Şahinkaya MUN. We are welcoming you and we are looking forward to seeing you.

Best Regards,

Yekta Can Tursun

Secretary-General of Şahinkaya MUN 2020

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