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North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

NATO or the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation was formed in 1949 by the signatories of the North Atlantic Treaty. It is an organisation dedicated to ensure the stability and well-being of the North Atlantic Region.


Notwithstanding, not being an official body of the United Nations, NATO has always been in close partnership with the UN and gone as far as aligning its core principles, purposes and methods to those stated in the UN Charter.


Being first and foremost an organisation of individual and collective self-defence, delegates choosing this committee can expect to deal with issues regarding the member states’ security and solidarity caused by other state, or non-state, actors who utilise fear, armaments and especially weapons of mass destruction.


We hope to see you all in Şahinkaya MUN 2018 where it will be more relevant, tense, fun and exciting than ever.


NATO will have an open agenda. 

This committee is apt for both inexperienced and experienced delegates.

Under Secretary General responsible for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation: Barış Kahraman


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