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The United States Senate is one of the two legislative chambers forming up the Congress, alongside the House of Representatives. The Senate holds the role of being the upper chamber and together with the House, they are responsible for all the acts and actions considering the legislative branch of the United States. Being established in 1789, in accordance with the Article I of the United States Constitution, every state of the federal government is represented by two delegates that are elected by popular vote, serving for six years.  It symbolizes the equality among the sovereign states forming the US with its delegation model, while the House serves the function of being driven in accordance with the population of the States.


As the upper chamber, the US Senate enjoys various exclusive distinctions and roles such as the impeachment of a government official including the President, ratification and acceptation of treaties made by the executive branch, conduction of investigations and so on.

Agenda Item: Obama Administration 2008 

This committee is apt for experienced delegates.

Under-Secretaries-General responsible for US Senate: Barış Kahraman, Ju Young Han

Academic Assistant: Ömer Faruk Yüksel

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